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Naledi Initiative P.O. Box 1810-60200 Meru, Kenya

Tel. +254  720 391 226  E-mail: info@nalediinitiative.org



Kenyans are currently experiencing very challenging economic times, those living in harsh climatic conditions have not been spared either especially due to the global warming being experienced in the country which has caused loss to livelihood in most of the households.

Turkana county, being Kenya’s poorest county, where 87% of people are living below the poverty line and as many as 82% have never attended school. The region is semi-arid and is prone to frequent droughts and insecurity issues which threaten food security both at community and household levels.


Turkana, has experienced drought since early 2016, which has left nearly 300,000 people in critical need of food assistance to survive. Last month one of us visited Nachola and Bedera Turkana Community and stayed with them and he could not believe what he witnessed, malnourished children with literally nothing to eat and with no hope of getting any food anytime soon, some of children had no clothes and they walked around in the harsh climatic condition naked, just waiting to die. A number of livestock literally too weak to even stand and others having dropped dead due to lack of pasture, this made the situation very desperate bearing in mind livestock keeping is their sole source of livelihood.


It is through this information we have formed Technical Working Group of volunteers for food drive for Turkana people especially Nachola and Bendera Communities.


We are kindly requesting for a donation of maize flour, rice, cereals, cooking oil and clothes for children, women and men. As well as monetary donations, via M-Changa, to organise a 2 day free medical camp to check on the health of these communities.


We would mobilize a team of doctors and nurses to do a simple medical camp, especially with some family planning clinicians and with possibility of a pediatrician.


The following are Technical Working Group Committee members:

Robert Murithi-0720391226

Neesha Velani-0733742870

James Ngechu-0721656871

Joyce Njeru-0729390980

We identify that urgent need would be for the following items:



Ugali flour








Mitumba clothing for all ages children, women, men



Deworming for humans

Water purification solutions / tablets

Sanitary pads

First Aid Kits for Chief's "Office"


Skin infections creams

Deworming tablets for domestic animals



Pickups or Trucks for transporting supplies.

Minivans to transport medical personnel to Bendera and Nachola areas of Turkana

Nachola & Bedera


Water crisis and drought in Samburu threatens 200,000 locals.

Naledi Initiative is a Non-Profit Organization registered in Kenya, serving the vulnerable communities at the grassroots level.

We have called together a team of volunteers who have formed our Technical Working Group (TWG).

Our volunteers are professionals who serve with a generous heart and a relentless passion for volunteering their experience and expertise to serve and change lives of vulnerable communities.


P.o. Box 1810-60200 Meru, Kenya

Tel. +254  720 391 226  E-mail: info@nalediinitiative.org

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